Viana makes it clear that everything’s not all “About the Money”

After years of fronting rock bands, pop artist Viana decided to venture off and start writing her own music, and, so far, she's killing it. Her newest track, “About the Money” evokes a carefree lavishness with hearty, soulful vocals and dreamy production. Especially when compared to the music video, it brings The Great Gatsby vibes.

The track carries a retro soul vibe straight out the 1950s. The melody is simple, but without a doubt catchy. The backbeat is strong and escalated with the riffs of a surf-rock style guitar. The chorus is marked by blissful background harmonies and twinkles, which make it feel dreamy and longing. The accompanying music video perfectly encapsulates the overall feel of the track, as if you’re driving in a convertible down the sparkling California coast.

“‘About the Money’ is actually all about having no money to your name," Viana told EARMILK via email. "It was mid pandemic during a New England winter and as a gigging musician I was hurting financially. I came home one day stressing and decided to write a song about it. And why not make it a super vibey sunny weather jam just for the sake of irony? The funny thing is that I really don’t give a shit about money or material things at all. […] Money comes and it goes, I guess we need it. But it isn’t everything.”

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