VJDAMUSICMAN takes us a rich journey through culture and identity on ‘Chaos On A Canvas’

Rising musician VJDAMUSICMAN takes us a rich journey through culture and identity on his third studio album Chaos On A Canvas, a collection of tracks rooted in a lush mix of R&B vocals and cinematic synths as well as vibrant visuals to perfectly capture the intricacies of belonging and representation.

The album is helmed by lead single “UGLIES,” a short but punchy dance number tinged with traditional Tamil kuthu rap, that leads us through the highs and lows that Indian-Americans face as they zero in and embrace their identity with pride.

Led by aggressive rap lyricism that encourages us to pursue our truth with confidence and pride, the track is accompanied is by alluring visuals showcasing one of India’s richest storytelling art forms Bharatanatyam to drive home a highly relatable message on embracing ourselves with pride and honesty through the strength of dance and music.

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Colourful in sonics and visuals with a rich narrative unfolding as dancers perform in Indian garments amidst the colonial architecture, the track boasts an anthemic feel softened by a touch of vulnerability that laments on how no matter how hard we try to assimilate, we will always be seen as “others.”

With a grassroots feel meeting a genre-bending pop signature throughout the album, VJDAMUSICMAN proves with Chaos On A Canvas, that he’s a queer South Asian icon in the making.

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