Waiting For Smith’s “Lost in Your Light” is warm, absorbing and gentle

Waiting For Smith‘s new single “Lost in Your Light” is energetically cleansing, crisp, colorful and peaceful, just like a calm autumn day. Sounds delightful doesn’t it? After surviving a tragic accident, singer-songwriter Harry Lloyd has dedicated his life to music and has climbed up the ladder of success triumphantly, with a slew of spine-tingling infectious releases this year, but “Lost in Your Light” might just top them all. 

“Lost in Your Light” is the narration of how most people are hiding parts of themselves in fear of being vulnerable and not admitting to being far more lost than found. The song also touches on the beauty of connecting with people who allow you to be your authentic self and share the conversation, reality and truth that everyone is a little lost. Lloyd shares, “This last year I’ve really been trying to listen properly. As so often we feel the need to fill in our own ideas of what people say to us, making it into a story that suits our worldview, or our image of the person.”

The singer-songwriter’s track contains acoustic strings that sparkle in their higher frequencies, tickling your ears like a feather. Along with twangy cowboy guitar riffs, reverberated sounds and melancholy, atmospheric strings that cry alongside the bridge as Lloyd sings, “hear me out,” the song is like a breath of fresh air and energy whilst feeling the sun on your face – familiar, engrossing and dreamy. His voice flows like a river of warm, gold light – here to be empathetic to your soul. The mantra of the delicate, powerful tune is humbling and reassuring; it’s a reminder we’re all finding our way, and a reminder of how beautiful it is when you collide with other people who get you. Go give it a listen and indulge in the angelic new single from Waiting For Smith.

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