Wellingta shares her soulful new offering “No Goodbyes”

Rising R&B artist Wellingta is back with her new single “No Goodbyes.” Amongst the cascades of soul-inspired melodies and reverberating rhythms, her latest single ignites her true passion for feel-good music. In an ode to conversations, daydreams and the observations of the everyday, Wellingta’s latest single shines brightly with the enthusiasm and authenticity she processes so strongly.

As she embarked on her studio sessions in West London, the rising singer-songwriter merged the influences of hip hop, reggae, dancehall, and R&B into a sound all of her own. She explains, “This time I went to the studio and told my producer that I really want to do a song for God. I had just finished listening to Mary Mary‘s song “Walking” and thought WOW that’s it! I wanna do a dope, danceable song like this for God.” As warming melodies rise atop progressive beats and a truly tranquil kaleidoscope of sound, “No Goodbyes” comes to life with joyful spirit and truly remarkable musicality.

Hoping to inspire listeners to feel, she continues, “It all happened very fast. My song “No Goodbyes” is my love letter to God.” With hope and love flowing sublimely into every chorus, Wellingta’s blend of nostalgia and soul intertwine blissfully to create a tune that soars with euphony. Amongst the harmonies, there lies hope, solidifying “No Goodbyes” as a remarkable anthem.

Wellingta’s latest is a character-rich, bright offering that provides an odyssey into her soulful sound.

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