Young Summer describes a love triumphant in new single “If The World Falls To Pieces”

Troubles come and go, in the intervals between, a rich mixture of despair and hope brews and imagination soars splendidly, that is the mood of Young Summer’s latest single “If The World Falls To Pieces.” The new song by this Nashivelle-via-D.C. artist is a slow and fantastic sonic carousel that reminds us, with its twinkling piano arpeggios and rich string instrument swells, that all light exists in the darkest of moments, if only we look hard enough, if only we believe it trumps all that troubles us.

“If The World Falls To Pieces” is a product of a modern world and perhaps not only in theme as it gained traction through its placement on a popular TV show and saw its rise through social media platforms like TikTok. The desire to see ourselves get through these difficult times is a commonality not to be ignored, and Young Summer addresses just that. The young artist sings beautifully in “If The World Falls To Pieces” and provides the number a dream-like atmosphere that allows immersion into a story of love that conquers all, even the end of the world.

Music composed with such care can provide a respite from turbulent times if only for a moment one can be suspended in the sound. Young Summer then is here the dream weaver who dares expose her fears and hopes for a connection with listeners that is long-lasting. The world Young Summer paints may not be ideal, but the love she calls for is, and that is a saving grace worth replaying.

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