Alsndra delivers some sexy vibes with “Trust”

Alessandra Magnante p/k/a Alsndra, is a Canadian-born recording artist and songwriter of Italian descent whose newest single “Trust” caught our attention. Armed with low tone silky vocals, she delivers a sultry performance over the bass-heavy club beat imploring listeners to let go of their inhibitions and embrace their inner desires. The track is bouncy and polished, allowing Alsndra’s vocals to shine through effortlessly while the chorus is memorable enough. It’s a nice blend of bright pop elements with adult-oriented R&B.

The single is a perfect embodiment of her infectious and sexual energy albeit in a slightly subtle manner as she makes use of implicit hints throughout the song. She adds via email that she was inspired to pen the song during the lockdown because she missed the club lifestyle and now that freedom is limited, she tried to capture that period where people could interact and vibe out to good songs.

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