Andreww returns with the stellar grungy single “Crossroads”

Andreww returns with the soft-rock single “Crossroads” which navigate into the depths of dark indie. Written about sticking to your guns and trusting your instinct, “Crossroads” is the latest single from Andreww’s new EP of the same now. Check it out below.

Following singles “Talking To Myself” and the brilliant “Medusa”, “Crossroads” is revealed as the final installment of his new EP. Laced with a hefty heavy-pop blend, the track’s foundations lie with a whirring bass line and reverb-drenched guitar riffs. With a notable trap influence running throughout the track, “Crossroads” is a punchy single that gets your adrenaline running. “It’s about making a decision and sticking to it,” explains Andreww. “Two things can happen: It works or you learn something but as long as you just go for it everything will be fine. Life’s too short to wait for someone to make the decision for you.”

Andreww’s rock sonics are captiviting. With his unique blend of rock, trap and pop, his music makes for an engaging listening. Making himself a steady newcomer to the alternative scene, with each release Andreww is making his mark.

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