ARI.NOIR and AikJ link up for a remix of “Come Thru / Faded”

It’s been a busy past few months for ARI.NOIR. With the release of the original version of his 3-track EP Eve, he has established himself as a torchbearer for the R&B sound in Ireland. Now ARI.NOIR teams up with AikJ to drop the long-awaited remix to Ari’s earlier single “Come Thru / Faded.” 


“Come Thru / Faded” is songwriting at its highest level. The R&B motifs and melodic instrumentals on offer are beyond exceptional. The pictures painted through the slick vivid wordplay and chorus selection is a thing of beauty. The chemistry between the two artists is in abundance on this track as AikJ too delivers an interesting twist on an already soulful cut. 

As for the production, it is the antithesis of what makes trap soul a genre. The piano licks underlined by pads and vocal throws all blended with live drums lay the perfect canvas for this beautiful imagery. The clean mastering of the track also allows the vocals to cut through with pure finesse. The overall craftsmanship from the bottom to top on this remix is seriously impressive. 

The R&B sound is really evolving in Ireland and these two are at the very front of that revolution.

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