Jacob Rountree offers earnest and pensive production “First Avenue”

Montana-hailing Jacob Rountree offers earnest and pensive production “First Avenue,” weaving an alternative-folk soundscape framed by playfulness and heartfelt touches. Brimming with string melodies, sloshing drums and plucky acoustic guitar lines, the track is contemplative and joyous at the same time.

The serene instrumental is bolstered by restrained but impactful vocals that make for a warm yet wistful vibe. Atmospheric and experimental, the track is rooted in Rountree’s thoughtful and charming lyrical style as LUNAVES’ violin player NINA ROSAadds to the heartfelt and peaceful depths of the offering.

A rising alternative/indie songwriter who has honed a unique production style can be described as Bob Dylan meets Pink Floyd, Jacob Rountree continues to expand his reach and reputation across the globe.

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