Bingo Boys released a vibrant new track “Oh Yeah”

Bingo Boys are a band from Indianapolis, and they make loud and exciting music. They have just released a new song called “Oh Yeah,” a mix of two types of rock music from the 1990s. The song is about realizing things about yourself when everything around you is confusing.

The band comprises three people: Gus, Michael, and Noah. They started playing together in February 2020, and people liked their energetic and wild music. “Oh Yeah” is an excellent example of how they can make music that makes people feel strong emotions.

The song has loud guitars and drums and can help people feel better when they are feeling bad. Gus sings about how sometimes it’s hard to see your problems when you are too busy thinking about other people’s problems.

Bingo Boys is a band that plays music like the kind that was popular long ago but also makes it sound new and exciting. If you like rock music that is loud and fun, you should listen to “Oh Yeah” by Bingo Boys.

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