slo/tide shares energizing single “Too Much Weight” (feat. Sir Sly)

slo/tide has dropped off a new single, titled “Too Much Weight”, featuring Sir Sly. Born from two decades of experience as both a music creator and a fan, slo/tide is an alternative music project headed by three-time Grammy nominated Underoath frontman Spencer Chamberlain. slo/tide’s latest offering, “Too Much Weight”, marks a pivotal step in slo/tide’s ever-evolving journey, infusing refreshing, lively energy into the alternative music scene. “Too Much Weight” demonstrates the seamless blend of Chamberlain’s powerful, infectious vocals with the character-rich, electronica-infused alt-rock songwriting of Sir Sly.

“Too Much Weight” conjures a gritty, distorted soundscape with underlying tones of vibrance, consisting of raw percussion, grimy synths, and expansive guitars. The instrumentation contrasts neatly with slo/tide’s sleek, atmospheric vocals, giving the track a layered feel and sonic depth. Exploding into a cathartic hook, “Too Much Weight” is a dynamic, emotive new release with an undercurrent of vital energy that keeps the listener on their toes throughout.

The latest from slo/tide and Sir Sly, “Too Much Weight” demonstrates their natural chemistry while presenting a refreshing alternative rock offering that is equal parts fierce and vivid.

Watch the visualizer for “Too Much Weight” here:

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