Daniel Hex gets introspective on "Look Ma, No Hands!"

Daniel Hex is back with more silky and melodic alt-R&B.  Known for his gracefully charismatic crooning that perfectly matches to his choice of liminal and moody instrumentals, the Detroit native's short discography is filled with all hits, and no misses.  It comes as no surprise, then, to see the rising singer delivering yet another heater with his new single "Look Ma, No Hands!"

There aren't many words in the English language that can properly do the vocals on this track justice; heaven-sent, blessed, flawless.  It's all the above and another exquisite look into the mind of the rising Detroit superstar.  "Look Ma, No Hands!" is an introspective and self-aware cut for Hex, a letter to his mom about the trials and tribulations of the path he chose and how he remains steadfast and resolute in the pursuit of his dreams.  He touches on the thoughts of regret that pervade in the mind of anyone pursuing a dream through unconventional routes and stands firm to never give these thoughts any mind.  This theme of quiet confidence is a key piece of Hex's music; he doesn't need to tell you how he's going to make better music than any other up-and-coming artist, he just does it.  

For an artist like Hex, the talent is there, the visual artistry is there, everything is clicking.  Once that first break comes along, he'll have his name in lights in tandem with Brent Faiyaz and similarly-positioned peers that already got their break.  Planning to release a new single every 3 weeks to close out the year, there's an unprecedented amount of new Daniel Hex on the horizon and that's good news for R&B-heads everywhere.  

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