Event Preview: Our Recommended artists to check out at SXSW 2024

One of the biggest dates in the global festival calendar..

SXSW is a must if you’re a fan of discovering new talent across music and film before anyone else. In March, Austin becomes the place for the world’s music to converge in a vibrant showcase of global talent and innovation. This year’s festival promises an electrifying lineup of international artists and labels, making it a haven for music enthusiasts and industry professionals alike. With an unprecedented number of diverse acts from every corner of the globe, SXSW offers a unique opportunity to discover emerging trends, connect with established icons, and immerse oneself in the rich tapestry of musical expression.

From established record labels to independent musicians breaking new ground, SXSW provides a platform for artists to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression on the global stage. Whether you’re drawn to the rhythmic beats of Latin America, the soulful melodies of Africa, or the experimental sounds of Asia, SXSW celebrates the boundless creativity and cultural exchange that define the modern music landscape.

It’s a festival that sits in the heart of music and technology fans all over the world. If you’re planning to attend this year, we’ve highlighted some of our favourite artists and showcases on the lineup.


Gglum, or Ella Smoker, as she’s known, discovers profound meaning in the seemingly nonsensical thoughts that emerge in dreams and studio sessions. With producer Karma Kid by her side, she embraces collaboration, transcending her introversion to create dynamic music. From the radio rock of ‘SPLAT!’ to the energetic ‘Easy Fun,’ Smoker molds her vocals to suit each mood, expertly balancing light and shade.


Ho99o9, pronounced Horror, emerges as a pioneering force in the American punk rap scene. Founded in 2012 in Newark, New Jersey by theOGM and Yeti Bones, the duo later relocated to Los Angeles in 2014. Known for their electrifying live performances, they garnered a devoted following and caught the attention of industry insiders


Porij’s journey, marked by EP releases like Breakfast and Baby Face, culminates in the anticipation of their debut album, Teething. Porij’s eclectic sound and infectious energy promise an exhilarating sonic experience. Rooted in their diverse musical backgrounds, the band navigates through genres with finesse, offering listeners a refreshing blend of creativity and authenticity.

Nils Hoffman

A luminary of the Berlin electronic music scene, embodies the essence of German electronic culture. At just 27, he stands as one of the most promising talents in the global electronic landscape. His sophomore album ‘A Radiant Sign’ on Anjunadeep cemented his status as one of electronic music’s most exciting new artists.

Sofia Kourtesis

Sofia Kourtesis emerges as a captivating force in the electronic music landscape, propelled by a string of acclaimed EPs and singles. Introducing global instrumentation and a unique sense of culture into her music, her sound perfectly combines electronica and global influences.


Latir, an emerging talent hailing from London, has carved a remarkable path in the music industry. With airplay on BBC Radio 1 by Huw Stevens and features on SBTV championed by Jamal Edwards (OBE), his sonic journey is gaining momentum. His sound perfectly touches on soul, indie and singer-songwriter.

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Photo by Aaron rogosin