Genia makes her presence known on “Introducing” [VIDEO]

Genia showcases boisterous vocals and dominating energy on latest release, “Introducing.” Paying homage to her hometown, the music video is shot in the Southern California city of Victorville. The black-and-white visual follows the singer through her desert neighborhood as she belts out each verse. 

[embedded content]

“Introducing” has a classic instrumental sound equipped with drums and snares. She instantly begins singing as the beat speeds up. Her voice is a perfect balance between a methodical rap and harmonized vocals. Confidence and power radiate through each soulful inflection. She sings, “Say they want the old me but she’s dead and gone, don’t hit my line. Like a switch I turn my emotions off, I always get back everything they think I lost, I might even stumble a little bit but I never fall.” She stares directly into the camera with an effortless charm and poise. 

The Def Jam newcomer has already cultivated a significant following on TikTok, highlighting her talent with acapella videos and snippets of covers. Commenters have even compared her to the likes of Rihanna and Beyonce. When asked about this she responds, “Those are two strong and independent women. That’s what I push for, honestly.” While Genia’s career has only just begun, she has already made huge moves in the industry. With thousands of streams and placements on top R&B playlists, she is a name for music fans to remember. 

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