Joseph Baldwin brings hope with “Mymind”

Emerging Australian indie artist Joseph Baldwin spreads joy and hope in his latest minimalist new single “Mymind”. With hauntingly beautiful vocals, the single is a gentle reminder to urge us to connect with the quirky little aspects of love by making use of a refined story-telling style.

Baldwin dives into the sea of joy that love can bring while holding onto raised red flags. The song successfully conveys the beautiful intricacy of human relations, full of contradictions and baggage that can only be faced up with understanding and support. In times when disconnection seems to be the norm, Baldwin comes to remind listeners taking chances is a virtue- and fun especially during these times.

Aiming to get people to fall back in love with their partners, the tune reminds us to take things back to the beginning and remember the journey.“It might help to remind people of all the silly and unique things they love about their partners, helping them get through these weird times,” he says. “If anything, I want them to reflect on the things that initially caught their eye in all the people they love.”

Bendigo, Australia born and raised, Joseph moved to Melbourne in 2017 after graduating school. The singer song-writer took his first steps in the scenic arts as a teenager, Joseph is now an incredibly resourceful artist able to put into words and music what most of us only struggle to understand.

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