Latin-dance producer Sinego dives deep on his latest Higher Ground single “Desconocido” [Interview]

Hot off the heels of his highly-anticipated debut album, ‘Alterego’, Sinego is on a mission to connect regional Latin and underground electronic music by fostering inclusivity, education, and representation in the music industry. He has earned his place among the leading figures in Latin-flavored dance music and has collaborated with renowned artists like SOFI TUKKER, Nervo, The Knocks, Bomba Estéreo, and more.

Most recently, he linked up with Spanish producer Argia to deliver “Desconocidos,” a new single that arrived on Diplo’s tastemaking, wide-ranging house and techno label, Higher Ground. The track merges organic roots and folk rhythms and distributes them through an electronic pulse. Through this masterful blend of Northern Mexican folk music and melodic techno grooves, “Desconocidos” is a continuation of Sinego’s mission to highlight the different regions of Latin America through music. 
Following the release of “Desconocidos,” we had the opportunity to speak with Sinego just after he had played a notable gig in Spain. “I just played the Grammys with Spotify,” he says. “It was marvelous. I played a mix of Flamenco with melodic house.” 

Sinego started producing music as a young teenager. “I started after leaving the Conservatory of Music,” he tells us. “I was around 13-14, and I wanted to be able to create music without the logistics of a band/orchestra.” Of his earliest influences as a producer, he listed Nicolas Jaar first and foremost, with more upbeat musicians to follow, such as Quantic and Nicola Cruz. 

His specialty lies in using the boundless versatility of house and techno to champion the sounds of his Latin American roots. “It’s always quite a challenge,” he explains. “Latin music genres are not around 110-126 bpm, so adapting them to house music can be troublesome. The fix is to have a house-infused rhythm section with bass and play around with the highs/melodies to mix the new genre. I’m in love with genres like Milonga, Boleros, Corridos, etc, that are Latin but dark and fit really well with a moody ambiance.” 

Over the summer, Sinego crafted his new single with Argia, “Desconocidos,” during his residency in Spain, between Ibiza and Marbella. “It’s the first track that really mixes Spanish guitars with Mexican Boleros. It makes a perfect bridge between Latin America and Spain, and starts a new journey that takes my sound beyond the Latin sound.” 

The first time Sinego realized he wanted to go in this direction was when he went to a rave in Bogota, Colombia, at a club called BAUM (which closed during the pandemic but still hosts one of Colombia’s biggest house/techno festivals). “I think the fact that art was about introspection and just shiny bottle service really caught my attention,” says Sinego. 

The producer’s artistry takes on entire other dimensions during his live performances, which bounce between DJ sets, live sets, and hybrid sets. When exploring particular genres or a particular lane, he prefers to be behind the decks. But what he loves most is performing with his band. “I really love to take my band out,” he says. “I normally play timbales, sing, and play a little bit of guitar with a flamenco guitarist and keyboard player.” 

Looking ahead to 2024, Sinego aims to continue incorporating traditional Mexican music into his distinct style of dance music. Latin Grammy-winning artist Alejandro Fernandez is at the top of his list of potential collaborators—one of Mexico’s biggest international music stars. Since establishing himself in the 1990s, Fernandez has become one of the best-selling singers in Latin America. Given the opportunity, Sinego would like to take him into the realm of melodic house and techno. “I think the combination would be very interesting,” he says.

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