Maddie Park finds peace within the “lilies” [Video]

Emerging R&B pop artist Maddie Park‘s attention-grabbing new single, “lilies,” explores personal sadness and finding a way to cope with it all. Armed with a sublime and soothing vocal tone, the Korean American artist delivers a soul-gripping performance over the solemn chords laid before her. She runs through the gamut of emotions that come with inner melancholy, the weight of depression, and wishing she didn’t exist to feel the pain. The record is a bit moody and makes extensive use of layered melodies and ethereal sounds which lend their strengths to the emotive aura of the song.


Maddie Park grew up singing as a child, belting out tunes a the dinner table, school lunchroom, and almost anywhere. She later joined the local choir and musical theater programs, before expanding her craft by learning the piano and guitar. The South Bay Area singer may be green to the industry but she sure has a lot to offer and we just have to wait and see what she brings out next. “lilies” is the follow-up single to her debut release “Backseat.”

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