Marie Dahlstrøm brings in James Vickery for final preview of new LP

Even amidst a global pandemic, Marie Dahlstrøm has had a busy 2020. Along with some fantastic newly released music with the collective Her Songs, the singer and keyboardist has been dropping a steady stream of delectable solo tracks ahead of her debut album release on May 22. The latest – and final – preview single “I Don’t Wanna Wake Up” is out now and will surely turn some heads with its luscious soul style and guest appearance from fellow London vocalist James Vickery.

While the singles released from Like Sand thus far have showcased Dahlstrøm’s immense talents, both in her dexterous keyboard playing and her buttery soulful vocal delivery, a duet track adds another level of variables to the equation. Unsurprisingly, though, the collaboration between her and Vickery on “I Don’t Wanna Wake Up” is seamless, with his airy delivery fitting in perfectly with Dahlstrøm’s smooth aesthetic. While each of their respective verses show their unique yet complementary vocal styles, the latter part of the track has some truly special moments with their voices playing off one another and layering together, creating a bed of warm soulful goodness. Even though the album is still a few days away, singles like “I Don’t Wanna Wake Up” show without a doubt that the LP will a breakthrough for Marie Dahlstrøm.

Like Sand will be released on May 22 via Dahlstrøm’s own label JFH Records and is available to pre-order here.

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