Cait touches on the notion of “Forgetful” thinking in her newest single

Cait is a pop artist out of Los Angeles, California and after releasing “Who?” back in 2018, Cait has returned with a follow up to her single “Stay In” earlier in 2020, with this brand new heartfelt anthem titled “Forgetful”.

Cait · Forgetful

Within her sophomore single of 2020, Cait continues to showcase her diverse storytelling nurture, specifically in this case the story of being forgetful in matters that relate to human interest when commitments take control of your life, with the added aesthetics of her vocals, and sonically curated world of pianos, guitars and spread out drum beats – causing an over-arching effect while drawing the listener in.

“Forgetful” is a powerful song, not just in terms of vocal message, but in terms of overall presentation for this DIY artist. Cait has managed to put together a solid single that is used as a platform for Cait to continually forge her own path as a singer-songwriter and prominently feature her multifaceted expertise as a producer.

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