Miles Francis's "Service" gets a fresh remix from Overcoats [Premiere]

Miles Francis has such a unique sound, and with a twist from Overcoats, their latest song, "Service" becomes otherworldly, dripping with hypnotic energy that feels like a party.

From the start, Overcoats' remix is attention-grabbing with the pulsating beat that makes up its backbone. The New York duo's fresh take is jaunty and disarming, while Francis's vocals drift in and out, making for a haunting juxtaposition. This remix brings out the instrumentals and puts them front and center without it seeming forced. It's layered so beautifully and fits the theme of the song so well.

Francis said in a recent press release, "I think of 'Service' as a cry for help masked as an offer of help, and the remix perfectly captures and elevates that anxiousness and unsettling persistence." That sense of urgency is so evident in this track. The airy vocals being drowned out by the production at times, it's so purposeful that it's lying underneath that upbeat surface. It feels modern and classic at the same time.

This remix was intended to give this track a little bit of Marvin Gaye but with those current pop elements that make it stand out. Hana Elion from Overcoats shared,  "So much of the remix process was taking moments that were already in the song and giving them their moment to shine. My aim for the remix was to make it even more of a party than the original (hard to do)." 

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