[Premiere] Middle Name John shares experimental number “Different”

Phoenix-born and London-based talent Middle Name John shares expansive release “Different,” from his debut project Obviously Confidential. Opening with disordered, lo-fi sonics that build into agitated bass lines, cutting guitars and a soaring vocal delivery that sways between spoken and sung.

[embedded content]

Led by elements of electronic, post-punk and indie hip-hop brought together by his unrestricted song writing, the track captures his signature style of ramblings and sounds that mirror the uncertainty of life.

With experimentalism at its core, the production is chaotic and intense yet underscored by emotive touches, the immersive production fills our hearts and minds as a glimpse of the ruminations on late-stage capitalism and doomsday that frames the upcoming collection.

Expressive and thoughtful, the track establishes Middle Name John’s far-reaching musicality rooted in his belief in a future without oppressed people, poverty, war, borders or oligarchs, allowing unity to breed a reconstruction of our planet and its inhabitants.

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