Rishi shares engaging new single “Long Ago”

Over the last year or so, we’ve started to see the results of what happens when artists are forced to remain at home for a year. For some, we’ve seen them come out somewhat lethargic, struggling to recapture the magic they had been brewing prior to the pandemic, while for others, they came out stronger than ever. Hailing from Canada, vocalist Rishi falls into the latter category, proving it with his engaging, infectious new single, “Long Ago”

Showcasing his vast vocal range, he wastes no time flaunting towering, powerful vocals as he enters confidently at the start of the track. Taking cue from Mariah Carey‘s 1996 single of the same name, he appropriately pays homage to the legendary singer while simultaneously putting his own spin on the record. Delivering soaring melodies, “Long Ago” demonstrates his ability to mold his voice to whatever’s needed on a song, resulting in a dextrous and smooth performance.

The latest from Canada’s Rishi, “Long Ago” finds him delivering a captivating melodies that draws the listener into the song’s refreshing atmosphere.

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