Saïna shares her new EP ‘Light & Dark’

Saïna (pronounced Sa-ee-na) is a singer,songwriter, and producer from northwest London who learned to play the piano and guitar at age 7, and started writing her own songs by 12. She later attended the BRIT school of performing and creative arts. The self-contained artist makes music from her bedroom studio- merging musical styles from jazz, neo-soul, R&B, and a tinge of hip-hop. Her debut release “Wrong Love,” was released in March 2021 alongside a couple of other singles including “What a time to live in.” Now she returns with her 7-track EP Light & Dark.

The project is a conceptual body of work that follows a woman whose lover is imprisoned, and she pens him a series of letters encouraging him to keep his head up, while reminding him of the sweet moments they will share once he is released.

The project starts with the previously released “What a time to live in“, which details the current state of life and the cycle we all go through day to day just to stay sane. This is followed by the somber, melancholic “Wrong Love”, where she reminisces on the things she misses from her lover, who is going through some troubles which indirectly affect their love. Over the sublime, jazz-infused backdrop, she pours her heart out in a rueful manner while reflecting on how the love went sour.

On “8 Minutes”, she wallows in the emotional pains of life’s troubles stemming from trying to find success in a world where nothing is given. The next two tracks “Freedom of Your Mind” and “Thank You” are soulful ballads that showcase Saïna’s vocal dexterity and evocative songwriting. The former is a melancholic piano-laden record that sees her sending uplifting words to her incarcerated lover, and assuring him that the storm is almost over and soon she will be right beside it. The latter is a smooth blend of punchy drums, lush soulful strings, and warm basslines underpinned by Saïna’s airy melodic runs that swell as it reaches a plateau on the hook section. The record serves as a moment of clarity of some sort and helps finalize the project with the singer finding her final form as an individual who has been through the proverbial ringer.

Overall the project is cohesive and the theme around a young woman’s emotional journey living in a cosmopolitan city is reinforced throughout and listeners get to see her choices and the repercussions.

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