Singer Sevana basks in the glow of sunkissed island sounds via a new EP and video

Sevana, a singer who hails from Savanna-la-Mar, Jamaica, has a sweetly charged voice that beams through the collection of blithe-to-bittersweet themes making up her six-track EP, Be Somebody. Marrying sleek contemporary soul to an ever-melodious “lover’s rock” reggae sound, the lovely young crooner delivers songs with a natural-sounding balance between classical and contemporary energy.

Title track “Be Somebody” offers up an infectious summertime vibe with its breezy bounce and the softly passionate performance from Sevana. The song gives her a chance to reconcile her feelings of personal disappointment with her enduring desire to achieve something great. Instead of raging out, however, the piece flows as gently as a florid love song. The dubby and pulsing rhythm of “Phone A Friend” feels easygoing at first, but quickly takes on a shivery tone once Sevana’s unguarded vocals begin to hint at a feeling of apprehension. Midpoint entries “Mango” and “Blessed” brighten up the mood with the former serving up a morsel of sunlit dancehall sounds while the latter is a gospel-thrusted bit of reverence with a pop-soul sheen to it.

The EP comes in for a smooth landing with calming closing cuts “If You Only Knew” and “Set Me On Fire”. “If You Only Knew” has our young songstress surrendering a cozy, romantic ode to a “not perfect, but perfect for me” lover over a strumming rock-steady beat and “Set Me On Fire” pushes past the island-steeped sounds of previous tracks to turn in a more close-to-the-bone serving of heartbreak R&B.

Sung with endearing purity, Be Somebody allows you to enjoy the sounds of a young woman who has taken a deep breath of fresh air at a turning point in her life and decided to share a bit of her story before journeying on.

You can listen to the Be Somebody EP or the just check out the single “Mango” right now on most music streaming services.

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