Skylet Gunner is a “Mad B*tch” [Video]

NYC based singer/songwriter Skylet Gunner finds her inner femme fatale in her new single and accompanying video “Mad B*tch”. The track is the last single off of her highly anticipated just released EP Serpent Soul.

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In “Mad B*tch”, Skylet was inspired by not only the grittiness of the city of Berlin but also a dose of heavy female self empowerment. Lyrics including, “What’s your name darling? / Who’s your mama? / Is she a b*tch, a b*tch like me?”, shows a certain amount of swagger rarely found in today’s indie pop and rock landscape. Musically, the enticing track highlights late 60’s soundscapes complete with psychedelic synths and moody and affected guitars. Skylet Gunner’s seductive vocals are reminiscent of early Lana Del Rey with a confident yet warmly charismatic delivery. The accompanying music video is directed by award-winning director, producer and writer Regina Pigsley. The Old Hollywood inspired visuals are a perfect compliment to the tantalizing musical release.

Skylet Gunner is a New York born and bred and Los Angeles based musician, singer and songwriter. Crafting reflective music all about love, female empowerment and more, Skylet has already garnered acclaim in the just over three years of her musical career. Check out “Mad B*tch” now and remember you are a sexy seductress.

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