Kaitlyn Myers addresses mental health on “Do I Bleed"

Mental health and social activist Kaitlyn Myers has been revealing a series of singles in 2021. Her most recent track, “Do I Bleed,” is dedicated to mental health awareness as the lyrics discuss moments of dehumanization and depression. The soft and woeful piano sets the tone for “Do I Bleed," which touches on a dark and difficult topic as Myers steps forward and raises awareness.


The vocal variation in Myers' voice is the star on “Do I Bleed." She is able to fluctuate her voice from high into low very smoothly and frequently with ease. She doesn’t stay in her range, but floats around in the higher and lower octaves. “Do I Bleed” describes the process of dehumanization through the use of imagery such as being unable to recognize yourself in the mirror and wondering if blood can still escape your body. The instrumentation combined with the lyricism creates a strong emotional tie to those who may be struggling with feeling like they belong

With influences of indie, R&B, and pop intertwined, Kaitlyn combines multiple genres effortlessly by adding instrumentation from each category. While the piano stays in a melancholic state, the guitar and shaker add a tinge of pop to the otherwise R&B centered song. Similar to Regina Spektor and Sarah McLachlan, her voice often rides yodel-like vocal fluctuations. 

Kaitlyn Myers uses her newfound fame to shed light on difficult issues that are occurring in our society. Myers started receiving attention after being on Season 20 of The Voice earlier this year. Since then, she has received an enormous amount of love on her TikTok and Instagram after audiences had discovered her own original music as well. Having recently turned 18, she is focusing on expanding her career by continuing to release new music and attending NYU. 
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