The Honest Poet dives into the ugly side of love on ‘Love Complexity’

South Wales-based singer-songwriter The Honest Poet dives into the ugly side of love weaving through a range of sensitive themes on expansive and emotive EP Love Complexity, joining forces with fellow Welsh artist and producer MINAS, shining with a smooth blend of rawness and dreaminess.

Bursting with an arsenal of heartbreakingly authentic stories that is sure to resonate with anyone who has faced a challenging relationship, the EP touches on everything from domestic abuse on “Toxic City,” to being a “side-chick” on “Suffocated,” and a poignant tale of heartache, disloyalty and gaslighting on “No Good.”

With atmospheric sonics that span varied genres of R&B, soul, hip hop, and spoken word, the brilliantly intimate project is framed by heartache and hope in equal halves as The Honest Poet sculpts a musical identity led by soulful vocals and poetic lyrics.

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