The Sleepovers lay it out smooth with “All That You’ve Wanted”

The singer-songwriter and instrumentalist The Sleepovers has been releasing a soothing and minimal take on bedroom R&B since the beginning of 2020 with his superb debut single “Russian Doll” back in April. The sultry crooner has since followed up with two back to back equally captivating singles (“Natural Distance” & “Come Back”) and is continuing his rollout with yet another exceptional single entitled “All That You’ve Wanted”.

The first half of the single is an affectionate love letter drenched in subtle reverb, cherubic guitar melodies, and heartfelt poetics to an unnamed paramour. It then transitions swiftly half-way through the song into a transcendental, organ lead compositional ballad that is reminiscent of something off of a Blonde-era Frank Ocean. 

Marked by hazy production and passionate songwriting, The Sleepovers seems to be improving with each subsequent single, so we can only hope that this is leading up to his debut project before the end of the year. Be sure to check out the single below!

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