Treasure recognizes his true self in ‘Suffocation & Air’

London born singer-songwriter and musician Treasure, takes a step back and gives a nod of acknowledgment in his latest EP Suffocation & Air. The nine-track release is a mesmerizing collection of songs detailing the lessons he has learned in life and the hurdles he has crossed to get there. Reminiscent of Tyler the Creator meets Tom Misch, the EP exudes dreamlike, pop melodies, integrated with laid-back synthscapes and funk-laden rhythm sections. 

Highlighting Treasure’s impressive vocal range, his lyrics touch on vulnerable moments, modern-day life and self-discovery. “You & I” introduces the EP, with eerie, simplistic soundscapes, ethereal vocals and twinkling instrumentation the song narrates finally being able to let go and continue with your life after feeling trapped. “More” goes on to speak about how life in the 21st century is a place where people can’t find contentment in what they already have. A truly relatable song, it highlights how we need to appreciate what we have, as we never know what tomorrow may bring. Twangy guitars and hazy melodies produce a sun-soaked track, perfect for those feel-good springtime playlists. 

Other standout tracks on the EP include “Mind” and “Feel”. Layered harmonies and celestial arrangements, play a big part throughout Suffocation & Air, allowing for a hypnotising result. Treasure has concocted a one of a kind sound, revealing in his press release, “I’ve always struggled to fit in and can’t find my place in this industry or world even, but I’m okay with that. Music is my way of protesting my unapologetic individuality.” It’s his individuality and distinctiveness that is driving him to forge his own path and we can’t wait to see where that path leads to next. 

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