Tyler Stone delivers an enticing house remix of Starita’s “Love & Pain”

Chart-topping dance producer Tyler Stone delivers an enticing mix of Grammy-recognised songwriter Starita’s track “Love & Pain,” an anthemic and euphoric soundscape which blends the original’s joyful elements with refreshing and powerful vocals lines.

Rooted in a captivating soundscape of organic percussion and rich melodies, the track harness the pure energy and signature house style that Stone has earned a reputation for. Inspired by the reflection of two opposing emotional states on the original, Stone’s version of “Love & Pain,” seeks to build heartfelt connection to the people who mattered in his life through his infectious yet soulful take on the track.

Pulling on the contemplative and tranquil vibe of the original, Stone infuses a powerful spirit and high energy into the track to uplift us with ease. Described as an anthem that’s “equally at home on the dance floor as it is kicking back with a cocktail,” we’re left repeating the layered and harmonious production bolstered by the well-known talent’s distinctive style of  deep house, disco and downtempo.

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