Rich Furniss drops ‘Release Yourself’ ft. Terry Hunter and James Patterson

Following a standout 2023 packed with sold-out shows and a string of successful releases, Rich Furniss continues to realize his musical vision, a journey he first embarked on in 2021. Amidst a busy production schedule, Furniss also serves as the president of Sound Collective in New York, juggling a myriad of projects and ventures.

His latest single, “Release Yourself,” is poised to be one of his most significant releases yet. The track, a collaboration with James Patterson and house music legend Terry Hunter, blends the quintessential elements of each artist into a compelling house music experience. “Release Yourself” captures the soulful essence of the genre’s golden age with heartfelt vocals, hypnotic percussion, and melodies that provide a comforting nostalgia, all wrapped up in a straightforward yet captivating arrangement.