Arctic Wave shares an ode to love and affection on “Jade”

Arctic Wave draws us into a pulsating world of love and affection on captivating offering “Jade,” with its sultry yet unfiltered melodies meeting smooth, luscious vocals. 

A stunning ode to beauty, primal spirit, and the profound depths of human connection, the track is intricately crafted with sensual sonics and evocative lyricism to capture and celebrate physical attraction within the sanctity of a committed relationship.

Written by founder and chief songwriter C.L. Turner,  the track is intimate yet widely relatable as it evokes deep and complex emotions within us wrapped up in the catchy heartbeat-like rhythms at the core of the instrumentation. 

An act that has transformed personal adversity into an eclectic blend of sounds and musical influences, Arctic Wave is a cathartic yet commercially appealing act that boasts a prolific and versatile career so far. 

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