Blair Davie delivers poetic track “Found My Person”

Scottish singer-songwriter Blair Davie delivers poetic track “Found My Person,” delving into themes of honest romance and heartfelt passion. Led by poignant song writing and rich, immersive sonics, the track celebrates love of all kinds and its importance in our lives.

Taken from their forthcoming EP It’ll Be Lovely, the track showcases warm alt-pop sonics as it shares an uplifting reflection on how special love can make you feel and how you should cherish it forever.

Rooted in Davie’s trademark of intimate songwriting and vibrant soundscapes, the track gives us a glimpse of the EP, which dives into self-discovery and loving yourself framed by the solace and comfort.

With the EP set to tap into the power that honest and vulnerability can hold, this latest offering is a thoughtful and emotive peek into what’s to come.

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