Brahny breaks new ground on "Apollo" [Video]

Toronto-based artist and producer Brian Han aka Brahny makes music that reflects his background while blazing new sonic trails in ambient and alternative R&B. After taking a two year hiatus from music, the preternaturally gifted singer/producer/songwriter is back with a deeply moving tune that will inspire feelings of youthful effervescence that few artists can even hope to match.    

"Apollo" is Brahny's most inherently personal work to date, an exploration of growing up without traditional representation in media.  Accompanied by a visual that focuses on Han's Chinese heritage as well as youthful innocence, the track stands tall by portraying cultural themes that are often ignored or forgotten about.  With angelic, breathy vocals that coalesce with calmly orchestral production, it's a cut that emphasizes everything that makes Brahny so special.  Han had to say of the track, “'Apollo' is an attempt to decipher the contradictions of growing up and being sold images and stories of success that you don’t necessarily align with. It’s meant to raise a question of whether or not it’s worth pursuing socially established views on success if it means sacrificing characteristics and perspectives that are crucial to your self-identity."  Following the success of his exemplary string of releases from 2017 to 2019, "Apollo" marks the beginning of an exciting new era for the Toronto-based polymath, as he continues to explore sound and form in inventive new ways.  

Preparing to release his new EP Siamese in early 2022, Brahny's return to music is tender yet triumphant.  It reminds the listener of the important themes of conformity and innocence while able to touch the soul with gorgeously layered production and inspired vocals.  Keep an eye on Brahny to deliver similarly blessed music in the near future.  

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