Dante Mazzetti shares poignant folk single “Here I Go”

Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Dante Mazzetti has shared his important single “Here I Go”. The track was recently featured in the hit Netflix film Pain Hustlers starring Emily Blunt and Chris Evans.

With “Here I Go”, Dante pens a song all about embracing being yourself and who you are, even if it is against the crowd. This paramount narrative also discusses the willpower to try and avoid things that are bad for us or pull us in the wrong direction. Lyrics include, “Here I go / Carry on with me / Through the cold / Through the old / If I dance / On the yes man’s bones / And I forget / I’m not alone,” show that to be oneself even through difficult times will result in solace and happiness. Musically, “Here I Go” features simple folk guitar picking under whisky-drenched emotive vocals. Transformative melodies and enticing harmonies are also highlighted in this captivating folk pop meets rock tune.

Dante Mazzetti began sharing music in 2005 but took a hiatus from the industry to serve in the Fire Department of New York. The prolific songwriter has shared the stage with icons including Ben Folds, Guster and America, among others and is known for his unique and charismatic vocal tone and genuine songwriting. Take a listen to “Here I Go” now and remember to be authentically you.

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