deegie’s “Go Be With Becca (Zach)” is a scorching pop-punk track calling out cheaters

deegie continues to heighten the anticipation for her upcoming EP EXES. Her new single “Go Be With Becca (Zach)” is the fifth single from her upcoming project all about an ex-boyfriend who cheated on her and came rushing right back.

“Go Be With Becca (Zach)” is a pop-punk power puncher with witty lyrics that jab at a relationship gone sour. The track will give you a whiplash of dynamic riffs, clear-cut percussion, and metamorphic vocals that tell a story of getting the upper-hand. deegie sings,“Get off your knees, it’s gross to beg / The pity party’s over, our relationship is dead.” The track is a comeback moment for deegie to set the record straight. deegie further confides, “I had a weird feeling about Zach from the start, but I ignored the signs until a stranger on the Internet messaged me out of the blue to tell me he was cheating on me with his ex, Becca. But admitting his guilt and getting broken up with wasn’t enough. He wanted me back for months even though he was still seeing Becca, and he got pretty obsessed about it.”

deegie is a Los Angeles based pop-punk songstress crafting enticing narratives around her experience with romance. She is a former member of the indie duo Only Bricks alongside her husband Joseph Lewczak. deegie’s debut EP EXES is due out this year. Listen to “Go Be With Becca (Zach)” for a wild and liberating ride.

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