Indie pop rock duo Break Fate explore battle with identity on “Change the World”

UK indie pop rock duo Break Fate delivers passionate single “Change the World,” delving into an internal battle with our identity carried by lead singer Mashana’s punchy vocals and luscious guitar lines courtesy of guitarist Ricky.

With an expansive pop-rock soundscape brimming with intoxicating synth lines, the track carries an uplifting and empowering message about recognising your abilities and embracing who you are – resonating with anyone who has experienced moments of doubt and infusing us with the self-confidence we need to move ahead in life.

Having established themselves as an act worth keeping on your radar with their debut album Ferocity in 2020, the promising duo are on the verge of dropping EP In Awe Honesty, for which this latest offering acts as a power-packed glimpse into a captivating artistry that’s to come soon.

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