Rob Twizz releases new impactful visual “Why 2020” [Video]

Rob Twizz is back with a new impressive visual for “Why 2020.” This rapper from Yonkers has a few powerful messages for everyone to tune into.  

The setting for “Why 2020” is undoubtedly important because rapper and Yonkers’ OG Jadakiss released his track “Why” in 2004. Now, 16 years later, Twizz does a spin on this and in doing so, he delivers an undeniably amazing job bringing the current issues to light. 
Everyone who loved Jada’s track will assuredly love Twizz’s visual as well, especially because Twizz uses the same beat as Jadakiss’ original track. The chilling beats perfectly lay the foundation for the impactful songwriting. Not being afraid to stand up for what is right through the chilling lyrics, he intelligently creates parallels between different problematic topics. Sparking our brains, he cleverly causes us to think about various issues the world is experiencing. He evidently uses the route of conscious rap and by doing this, he successfully enlightens his listeners. 
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