Jordan Duffy takes back her power in “Wonder Woman” [Video]

Powerhouse four octave vocalist and songwriter Jordan Duffy has just shared her latest single and visuals. Called “Wonder Woman”, the song follows this year’s releases of singles “No Big Deal” and “Fall Out of Love”.

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“Wonder Woman” is an uplifting anthem all about embracing your own inner goddess and superhero. Life is hard and Jordan Duffy reminds us all that we can be our own hero and embrace all of our own power with this charismatic and hopeful new release. Lyrics including, “you aren’t worth my time / cause I am wonder / wonder woman / I have the power / and the confidence and strength,” show that Jordan Duffy knows her self worth and won’t take negativity from others. Sonically, “Wonder Woman” shines with warm, soulful vocals singing confident and delightful melodies. Pop rock soundscapes lull the listener in with driving guitar and bass rhythms for a must listen. The music video shows a teen girl who is initially left out of being able to play football with the boys because of her sex. With a little help from a new friend, the guys agree and she shows everyone just what she is capable of in the end, mirroring the song’s optimistic message.

Jordan Duffy is a singer/songwriter, producer and engineer known for her authentic songs full of fervor and heart. From Worcester, Massachusetts, Duffy began performing live at 18 opening for Dickie Betts of The Allman Brothers. In college, she found her insane vocal talent, studying and performing Opera. Her new music combines elements of pop, rock and folk and discusses such themes as female empowerment and heartbreaks in dive bars. Take a listen to “Wonder Woman” now and know how truley amazing you are.

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