Kiara Jordan delves into systemic racism on "Young Man"

London-based musician Kiara Jordan explores the systemic racism and discrimination in South Africa, where she was born, in powerful single “Young Man.” Led by Jordan’s husky yet bold vocals layered over minimalistic synth-tinged instrumentals, the track is an insightful journey into the division that humanity have imposed upon themselves.

Tapping into her Jordan’s ability to craft honest, touching and impactful stories through her song writing, “Young Man,” is a slow-build offering that brings so much more than enjoyable, earworm sonics to us. Inspired by her move to the United Kingdom and the economic climate of South Africa, the track draws from personal experiences and expands outwards as an anthem for awareness as it questions people in power and the ease with which they let their own suffer.  

Brimming with her political ideologies and the young talent’s passion to affect change, the song develops as a platform for open conversation as it pulls serious topics such as corruption and racism apart at the seams with quiet instrumentals and poetic lyricism. Emotive visuals accompany the track further highlighting the differences and similarities that color the world, as the singer-songwriter’s penchant for experimentation weaves its way into the music.

With her empowering, intricately crafted artistry, Kiara Jordan establishes her potential to be an inspiration for many others as she asks the questions that need to be asked and finds answers that deserve to be brought to light, all within the swirling notes of her culturally nuanced music.

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