Animals On TV look into the future with MTV 2095 [Video]

Austin based fun-loving indie rock band Animals On TV has just shared their latest single and video “MTV 2095”. The single is one of three off of their newly released three song EP called Spring Break 2095.

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With “MTV 2095”, Animals On TV takes listeners to the future with reflections of the strangeness of the present moment particularly in reference to society’s obsession with reality TV stars and tacky influencer and pop culture worship. The song also tackles contemplations on technology and how this development has altered the way we identify and view ourselves. Lyrics including, “We are coming of age to a hard drive / you can be anyone you want,” show just how weird both the present and future can become. Musically, “MTV 2095” intrigues with psychedelic keys, bright guitar riffs and distorted vocals singing infectious melodies. Nods to The Strokes and The Killers can be found in Animals On TV’s lush brand of garage rock. The accompanying music video shows the band as cavemen being coaxed by aliens to join them in their spaceship taking them to a new world for a both silly and enthralling narrative.

Animals On TV was formed in 2019 in Austin Texas by Andrew Davis and Rob Hogan as a way for the friends to have fun by playing music. Known for their dynamic and unruly live shows, the band evolved into a five piece and craft humourous and catchy sun-soaked garage rock. Check out “MTV 2095” now and share your thoughts on the new music.

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