Jamie Freed is proving that he is “Cold With It”

Fresh off a stellar 2019 with sold-out shows and a debut EP Wants, Not Needs under his belt, Jamie Freed is back with the lead single off his upcoming project The Loose Dog. “Cold With It” see’s all the usual signs of another phenomenal release from Freed as he continues to pave his way to stardom.

The masterful production in “Cold With It” is handled by the upcoming producer Flash Delivery Guy. Overpowered 808’s are underlined by busy drums and glossy synths creating a pristine canvas for Jamie Freed to layer and build upon. With the foundations laid, Freed steps up to the plate and without a doubt knock it out of the park as always. The incredible vocal ability is only accented by the auto-tune which gives his vocals this sense of pain and beauty. The lyrical content is top-notch as Freed’s vivid lyricism describes in great detail why there is no one in Ireland who can run in his lane.

With The Loose Dog EP on the horizon, I am extremely excited to see what’s next for Jamie Freed. He is an artist who is clearly obsessed with consistency. He is only growing as a songwriter and performer. The sky is truly the limit.

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