Jon Bellion returns with powerful track "I FEEL IT" featuring Burna Boy

Jon Bellion comes together with Burna Boy to drop "I FEEL IT," a track driven by otherworldly sounds and profound lyrics.


This time, on "I FEEL IT," Bellion actually makes us "feel" the music, with emotional, thought-provoking lyrics and carefully constructed yet powerful songwriting skills. In the catchy chorus, Bellion intensely sings, "I feel it/ You ain't got to say one word to me, one word/ Because I feel it/ I feel it/ I f-f-f-f-feel it/," as the vocal repetition creates a magnetic field.  Bellion's unique talent of beautifully capturing emotions through intricate wordplay tugs at our heartstrings with every syllable that he utters, particularly through the delivery that includes his soft tone. Joining Jon Bellion, Burna Boy also creates an impactful atmosphere through his captivating lyrics and euphoric voice. These characteristics mixed with the lo-fi beats, the drums, the guitar strings, the clarinet, and other exceptional sounds, create a track that we won't be able to stop listening to. 

It's been a while since Jon Bellion has dropped new music, specifically since 2019, when he dropped his single "Good Things Fall Apart." He is not only an talented artist, but his pen game is also top notch, writing hits for artists like Justin Beiber, Christina Aguilera, and plenty of others. As usual, Jon Bellion experiments with different sounds and is extremely versatile when it comes to making music, whether he sings or raps with bars that fill the room. 
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