The Steens drop fuzzy single “Network Spirit” from debut EP

Orange County brother duo The Steens share hazy rock’n’roll title track from their upcoming debut EP Network Spirit. Rooted in their signature soundscape of blown-out 808s and distorted guitars injected with blaring vocal notes, the anthemic track wraps us in their layered rock sound.

With a pattern that slows down rhythmically before gaining speed in an anthemic fashion, the track is infused with touches of nostalgia, tracing their defiant journey from childhood till now, captured in the most enjoyable, danceable instrumentation they can come up with.

Having formed as a band in 2021 using their surname as their band name, The Steens have developed themselves based on a distinct “future rock n’ roll” sound firmly planted in their roots and growing up years.

With music being intrinsic to their upbringing courtesy of a father who actively worked in music as an A&R/ artist manager, to hardships faced when their father was arrested, the duo of brothers have traced the ups and downs of life in their emotive yet exuberant sonic style, which you can see more of on their debut EP that’s just around the corner.

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